3 Years on a mission

Three years,  two best friends. One mission.

We are Travel Helpful. A non-profit organization that has taken on mission.

We will travel the world for three years, travel through 21 countries and help people and organisations that are in need of help and support.

Well, we want to travel the world not only to see the wonders of nature. But to help others that are less fortunate than us.  And to show that everyone can do it. Yes, even You!

There are lots of people, animals, and others that are in need of help. It could be anything. Orphanages, animal shelters, wildlife reserves, nature reserves, wildlife research, teaching children, building schools, building sufficient water supplies, feeding the homeless.
You name it and we will do our best to help

Travel Helpful is a non-profit organization and we rely completely on our own budget and on generous donations.

About us

Travel Helpful started in 2013 in hope of making a difference. We are a young couple from Sweden, two devoted people who wants to share with you.

Working with us is an opportunity to reach out to the crowd. To get people aware of you, your organisation and your mission. To help you with this we are specialized in film, photography and documentation. get people aware is what we do.
If you need help with photography, film making, campaign material, websites or texts and reports. Or you want the whole package, we are there for you.
We like to give a helping hand wherever we can so if you need pure workforce we sure can manage that too.
Travel Helpful will help you accomplish your mission.
If your company would like to join forces with us we are happy to hear from you.


Leonardo Mahzouni

Leonardo TravelHelpful.comLeonardo

CEO & Founder of the Mahzouni media group
& TravelHelpful

Photographer and cinema photographer.

Leonardo, the great conqueror. A man that grew up wanting to take pictures of the world but where to shy and to frightened to do so. As an adult he took charge of his own life. Made a life changing event loosing massive body weight and decided to go to India.
After this turning point there is no stopping him in wanting to try something new and conqueror every country with his camera. His camera is his baby and follows him everywhere, anytime. Leonardo has watched Sir David Attenbourough since young age and has always wanted to see the places he has been.
He has always enjoyed traveling and has always been raised by the philosophy that  you should help the elder and be kind to others. That’s what his Father always used to say. His mother has supported him through all of his choices. Leonardos ambition is to have traveled to every country there is and remote areas in the world. Photographing it all. Favourite country he has traveled to so far: India (Hampi). One country he always dreamt of travelling to: Madagascar.
Leonardo loves all animals and wants to be able to document them. His favourite animal is: Bengal Tiger. Favourite domestic animal: The house cat.

3 fun facts about Leonardo

  1. Loves his mustache
  2. Is obsessed with camera equipment. 
  3. Is scared of bugs (but loves observing them)
” There are so many places that are being destroyed by every minute and so many people that are in need of help. That are less fortunate than us, Leonardo sais.
I would really like too see these places before it is to late and try to help people with the knowledge that we can bring from back home.
This is a whole new starting point for me as well as Travel Helpful and I would really like this to become something big. So that Travel Helpful can do more.”

Ann-Charlotte Garherr

Charlie TravelHelpfulCharlie

Content administrator, co-founder of TravelHelpful.

Ann-Charlotte, mostly known as “Charlie”, is a woman who worked with sales all of her adult life. One that is said to take a leap of faith many times and takes chances even without knowing it.

Having worked in 3 different countries during her first 10 workyears she hasn’t really found that one place she feels at home at. Something always makes her want to be on the move and searching for something new to reach for. Being weary after a period of time (mostly after a year or a year and a half) is quite common for Charlie.

Charlie is a food lover that likes to put together a meal for anyone who appreciates it and an animal lover who cares for all creatures and are passionate about animal rights and wildlife rescue and wildlife research. Her favourite animal is the white snow leopard.  Favourite domestic animal: the house cat. Go figure. Charlie’s ambition is to travel the world seeing as many places as she can and do something good in each and everyone of them.

Favourite country she has traveled to so far: Iceland. One country she always dreamt of travelling to: China.

 3 fun facts about Charlie:

  1. Scared of mosquito
  2. Loves street photography and the work of street photographers
  3. Looks up to female pioneers and adventurers like Vivian Maier (photographer),

Charlie also spends her time working with her food blog angerfood.com. She always has a lot in her head and are not afraid to speak her mind about it.

“I’ve taken chances before”, Charlie sais. “But this has to be by far one of the biggest ones. Selling my home and quitting my job that I’ve had for over 11 years, leaving security and everything behind. Well, it doesn’t really seem that much of a big deal to me now when this is something I really want to do. But I guess it is.

It is a gamble. We’ll never know where we will end up or whom or what we will get the opportunity to work with as we go. But that is part of the charm, and I can’t wait to see what this journey will bring”