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The money you choose to donate will not go to a specific project at this point.

It will go to us so that we can travel longer and continue our work and our mission.
A mission like this does not come without expenses. We have expenses like transportation, food, shelter, gear, phone bills, administrative maintenance. Although we try really hard to live as nomads and have some savings we can not do this without your generosity and loving soul.
After all we do this for the ones that really need it.
We aspire to help by our own workforce with support from your donations.

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Donate ♥

Here are some hard facts.
People are starving. Animals, adults and children are homeless. There are numerous projects around the world that are in need of assistance. Why should you care? maybe you got your own problems to sort and your daily life to tend to.

But the thing is, it could be you. It could be your best friend, a familymember. It could be anyone. Wouldn’t you want someone to care if it was you? Or if your best friend or the family dog got sick. If your water supply got cut of or if you couldn’t eat for a month. This is the reality for many today. Maybe far away in our reality, but where we are going this is the harsh truth.

Travel Helpful are here to help spread the word to others of the way of travelling helpful. We want to help as many as possible in every country we are in. And we want to engage You to do the same.

We try to keep our expenses down and we try to pay everything out of our own pocket. But we are in need of helping hands and sponsors aswell to make this happen. Let’s make this happen shall we! Contribute to us to make the world a better place!

As little as one dollar can make a difference. One U.S dollar can provide a child with safe drinking water, keep a dog in a dogshelter fed or provide a school in an undeveloped country with learning materials.

Please donate and make a difference!