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There are many ways to help and everyone can help. In their own way. We have worked very hard to earn as much as possible and save up money on our own.

But this will only take us from A to Z. We want to help as many as possible as much as possible. To be able to do so we are in need of your assistance. Whether you are a company, organisation, or a friendly helper.

Here are some ways on how to help. ↓

Support us

Support us

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Every project we tend to are in need of help and we need your help to be able to help even more.

Did you know that as little as 1 U.S Dollar can make a difference? What happens to your money when you donate?

Our goal is to help as many as possible. By hard labour and donations. The money raised through your donations will be put to good use either to a specific project or to a project that we see fit. There are no adminsistration fees. We want your donation to come straight through to those who need it.

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