Naimakka, sponsor

We have travelled many places in our life and we often find ourselves in situations feeling lost and unprepared. Preparing a three year long trip around the world made us look for gear that is multifunctional but also feels fashionable at the same time.
We did not have to search long at all when we found Naimakka.
Naimakka is a Swedish company that makes survival bracelets out of paracord strings from the American armed forces.
Not only is it a very fashionable bracelet, but unfolded it becomes a 2,40 cm long cord that you can use for anything, anytime,anywhere.
So if you feel the need to set up camp you’ll have a firestarter and a cord for shelter all in one. You can even use it as a fishingline if unthreded.
We love Naimakka and we feel safer and more prepared than ever. And we still do it in style.
If you are an adventurer like us and like to be prepared for anything or just feel the need to be cool then you should check out Naimakka.

naimakka, sponsor,