Our Mission

Our mission

Travel Helpful is a realization from a dream of doing something good and making a difference.

There are many people, animals and others that are less fortunate than ourselves that really are in need of a helping hand. If we really are devoted to see the world. Why not help along the way? Or see the world while we help?

We are a non profit organisation that purely rely on our own budget and donations from you and others that would like to contribute to our work. Our mission is to travel for three years or more and help those in need along the way.

Childrens orphanages, animal shelters, wildlife rescue projects, wildlife research, teaching, building schools, sustianability work. Well the list can be long and the ones that are in need of our assistance will be our desinations through our journey.

Anything we could help with to make our world a better place for anyone is our mission.

So what do we wish to accomplish?

Well, to be honest with you, we just like to help as many as we can in the best possible way. We would also like to prove that you can still travel and get a holiday by helping others. Just imagine what an experience you’ll get in exchange and what you will contribute to, rather than laying on a sunbed for a week sipping drinks.

The Chinese Panda won’t be happier if you lay on your belly sunbathing all day. Neither will the orphans in Cambodia.

We also want to spread awareness to others so that we can work towards a more safe and friendly planet. Sustainable learning is one of our keywords.

So if we can so can you. We are two regular people with a desire to get away from the normal society with a 9-5 job and  materialism.

We got stuck in our everyday life and got sader and more depressed as time went on. During our recent travels we’ve seen devastation and sadness. And why can’t we help doing something about that. If we have the opportunity to choose.
So should everyone else.

If you agree with us then please give us a chance to continue our work for as long as possible. Click on the Donate button and give your contribution to a better everyday life for those whom we work with.

Do we think we can make the world a better place?
Yes we do! And #YOU can do it to!

If you don’t like to get your hands dirty, then go ahead and donate an an amount of your choice to our TravelHelpful fund.

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