The Amazon need your help!


For as long as I remember I have always wanted to visit the amazon jungle, see the amazing wildlife and nature that makes the amazon so great. In the recent years it has been popping up more and more videos and articles about how we are destroying this wonderful place more and more each day. And didn’t we learn in school that we need the trees and the plants for oxygen, the thing that all animals and humans need to survive?

Amazon watch is a organisation  that is working hard together with the people that live in the amazon to stop this.

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Humanity’s survival depends on not burning two-thirds of our global oil reserves, so we must act now by limiting fossil fuel extraction. The highly bio diverse Amazon basin is a keystone area in combating climate change because it regulates our planet’s health and drives global weather patterns. Preserving regions most critical for our survival—from the Amazon to the Arctic—is the solution to avoiding climate chaos. That’s why we are globally calling to KEEP THE OIL IN THE GROUND, starting with the Amazon.

Please, act today and share this video with everyone you know who likes to breathe air.