Villa Kitty

Villa Kitty on the island of Bali

Just 10 minutes from popular Ubud central is Villa Kitty. A rescue centre,adoption centre, clinic, shelter and sanctuary for many cats on Bali.
When we first came in contact with Villa Kitty we saw that there was a need to help the staff with the most simple tasks. But upon arrival we saw that there is so much more. We did not realize that the the cats on Bali are living such a hard life on the streets.
Villa Kitty is completely non-profit and rely on donations and kind people to be able to house the many cats on Bali.
Most cats that comes to Villa Kitty has comes in wounded badly, some sick, some abandoned and waiting for adoption. 
Villa Kitty has a staff of veterinarians and caretakers that reassure the wellbeing of the animals at Villa Kitty. But even  this can not guarantee that the animals will get healthy. Sometimes the state of these animals are so bad that they can not be healthy again. Some animals are in need of special treatment and medical care and supplies cost a fortune. 
Getting an x-ray for a cat that has been hit by a car and left to die on the side of the road has to be taken many miles from Ubud since the machine is very expensive and very few clinics on Bali provide the service. A cost that has to be paid, but still extremely expensive. 
One major issue on Bali is that in the rural areas there is a lack of knowledge about animal welfare.
What happens if you don’t sterilize your animals? 
What will happen if you just throw your kittens out on the street?
What should you know before taking on a cat?
As we started talking to the staff at Villa Kitty we realized that human welfare is in general more worth than welfare for animals on Bali. This is what the staff at Villa Kitty witness almost every day.
Two of the staff members found two small Balinese kittens thrown out by a father of two not far from their house.
The family that had own the cats could not understand why the staff from Villa Kitty would help these kittens. When they could just leave them there to die.
Villa Kitty are working very hard to provide training and education for children and others so that locals are aware of the consequences of mistreating their animals. They also teach basic English to children to help their local community and to teach local children about animal welfare.
Fundraisers, volunteering, sponsoring and donations are some ways to help Villa Kitty help more cats get well and healthy. But many more cats are still on the streets and needs help.
Thanks to Villa Kitty the cats on Bali has a good chance of a safe and healthy life. And hopefully have a new family as soon as they are healthy enough.
The number of cats are growing at Villa Kitty and they need help to make the cats have the life they deserve.
You can help the cats at Villa Kitty. Sponsor a cat, donate or fund Villa Kitty so that more cats have the chance to survive.
We spent two weeks with the staff and the cats at Villa Kitty and we love what they do.
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